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Lego Jurassic World

With an ever expanding list of Lego branded games these days it came with great surprise to me when they announced that they would be releasing a Jurassic Park version of these games. Having rarely played any of the Lego games I had to buy this one and I was not disappointed! The chance to play through all of the original Jurassic Park games made me rather excited as no other game has done that yet. With all it's quirky little things and themes in the game it really is a game for all ages. A rather bizarre fascination with sausages and pigs is made apparent almost straight away when you start this game although this adds to the fun nature of the game. The game does tend to be aimed at the younger generation but playing it as an adult I often found myself chuckling away at some of the more silly version's of events from the films. Straight from the beginning of the game you get a real sense of actually being in the film's! Starting right off from the very well known opening scene of the first film with a certain Mr Robert Muldoon screaming "shoot her" at the top of his voice after one of his colleagues is dragged into the Velociraptor cage. 

There is no end of playable characters in this game and it does give you the chance to play as your favourite person from any of the film's in the franchise. All of these characters have their own respective abilities which you will need on your adventure through the game. For all of you gamers who like to be destructive, there is plenty of opportunity to break things but there are also times where you break something but then you have to rebuild it into something useful to progress to the next stage of the level. Teamwork is also a very big part of the game. You will often have to keep switching between characters to pull levers so that another player can enter the next zone. This is great fun if you have a friend there to play the game with you, seeing as there are no online capabilities for this title. I was rather disappointed with no online options, but with the very fun storyline and plenty of things to collect along the way it makes for many hours of gaming. For those of you who think once you have completed the game after finishing all four films, you will be proven very wrong. There are many hours more of gameplay after playing through the movies and this is the beauty of the game. It will take many hours to complete this game, so it is very difficult to get bored.

Graphically it is what you would expect from a Lego game but it is still a stunning looking game. I think many people would agree that you can't expect a lot graphically from these games.

I would give this game a solid 8 out of 10! With it's quirky little moments of fun to it's ability for you to relive the films, I would highly recommend this game to anyone if you like game's with plenty of hours of fun!
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