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Alien Isolation

After some of the terrible previous titles in the Alien franchise, I feel this was the last chance we had for a good Alien game to be released. Creative Assembly and Sega hit the nail squarely on the head with this title. Graphically its exactly what you would expect with next-gen consoles - simply incredible! Put that with a seemless music score the tension and feeling of death waiting round the next corner never drops throughout the game. Visually based on the style of the original Alien film, the story line moulds nicely - a great touch for any Alien fan.

Set after the first film you follow the story of Amanda Ripley, Ellans daughter as she tried to discover the truth behind her mothers disappearance. Amanda travels to Servastapool Station where apparently the Nostromo's black box has been found and sent to. On arrival you find Servasterpool with damage on the hull and radio's out. You take a space walk over with a few colleagues, and after a mishap, you are quickly thrown alone into a dark and scary deralict space station.

The atmosphere created in the station is incredible. With dark and dim corridors with steam and smoke from damaged pipes and panels it creates a great feeling of unease in the player.

Now the most important thing in an Alien game is of course the Alien. This is probably the best AIien I have ever faced. Visually stunning especially when cowering under a desk praying he didn't see you. Also the sounds emited from the Alien are incredible and keep the player perminently fixed to the edge of their seats. Armed with a bunch of weapons and tools ammo is scarce and shooting a gun will nearly always end in the alien crashing in and killing everything in sight. 

Thinking of shooting the Alien? Dont! It will not hurt the Alien and will result in you having a more annoyed Alien who now knows exactly where you are. Stealth is the only option at everypoint in the game. The key is distraction, diverting the Alien away from where you are so you can slip out and find your next table to hide under or locker to cry in. 

The only weapon that will actually make the alien flee is the iconic flamethrower. I advise saving as much flamethrower fuel as possible as it saved me more times then i care to mention.

The Alien shows signs of actually learning your reactions and mind set and adapts accordingly. If everytime you are attacked front on you pull out the flame thrower and scare him off. Next thing you know it has got you from above or below making the player constantly adapt to their surroundings and situations.

So with an Indistructable adversary that can move faster than you, see and hear better than you, you would think that would be enough to worry about? How wrong you would be. Sevasterpool is also populated by the working Joe Androids and a few survivors scared half to death and usually not glad to see visitors. 

Now here is the only real issue that I have found with this title. The other survivers have managed to stay alive for a fair while in a dangerous enviroment. You appear, and their first response is to shoot at you. This is very quickly followed by the Alien crashing in and having a light snack on them. How did they survive if they are that dumb?

Most title now use a auto-save function, so if you die you re-start from about 5 minutes before you died. Although Alien will auto-save after a chapter, these are few and far between. This means you need to find manual save points and trust me you will want to return to them as often as possible. The threat of death is ever present and I found at times, where I hadnt saved or couldnt find a save point I could lose a lot of progress. I think this is a great feature for a survival game and makes the fear of death even greater.

The fear factor in the game is excellently executed. From the first death to the last I jumped out of my skin everytime.

At times the game can get incredibly frustating spending an hour trying to find a way to the next objective and failing countless times, but i feel this adds greatly to the sense of achievement once you finaly get it cracked and move on the the next objective.

Alien Isolation is by far the best horror game I've ever played. A great hide and seek game that never gets old or repetative. With DLC avaliable to play parts of the original film as the Nostromo crew, at a reasonable fee its a great addition for any fan of the Alien franchise. 

Alien Isollation is a great test of stealth, and if you think you can go round shooting anything that moves - your life will be incredibly short.

Words can't describe how great I feel this game is, and the hours of sweaty palms I've had playing it. A must have for anyone brave enough to pit themselves against the ultimate enemy. Excellent Story, Visually Incredible and Sleepless Nights.

Scary - Unquestionably. A Solid 10/10.

Good luck to anyone brave enough to play hardcore because, Trust Me, you will need it!

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